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Education Program Leadership

In the Education Program, most of us who contribute are volunteers.  The Guild is a volunteer service organization and volunteers are the engine that drives it.  The ‘education folks’ are a passionate group of people who thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to help others experience the joy of growing in their woodworking journey.

Education Director

The Education Director serves on the Guild Board of Directors and has the overall administrative responsibility for the Education Program.

Leadership Team

This team has the primary responsibility to support the delivery of education services in conjunction with the Director. This team focuses on:

  • Planning for and executing the actions required to meet program goals;
  • Review and modify existing practices for more effectiveness;
  • Help identify volunteers to serve in program roles; and
  • Assess overall program performance


    The Guild Education Program has many layers and that can become confusing at times. If you, as a member, have any questions please contact any of the below via email. We encourage your questions and suggestions.


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