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You may be interested in the educational opportunities available to you with the Guild.  Interests can be limited to only the most basic instruction; to becoming moderately proficient; to becoming an expert. The Guild offers over 150 classes per year and offers other learning opportunities as well.

In the education program we provide opportunities for members to learn the safe use of tools and to grow their skill levels in the craft of woodworking through a system of educational offerings.  These are designed to be broad in scope, reasonably priced and designed to achieve identified goals.  They are built for fun and growth. 


SAFETY CLASSES: These are classes in basic safety that help ensure that members engage in woodworking safely. These classes are required for the various tool safety certifications.

WOODWORKING CLASSES: The Guild offers classes that vary in difficulty from basic to advanced. The classes not only provide knowledge, skills and techniques; many also are project-based so that you walk away with something to be proud of. From hand tools to CNC, the Guild is a place for learning. Just click on Class Catalogue on this page to see the planned routine classes for this year.

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (SIGs): These are small groups focused on a particular subject area. They hold meetings on a monthly basis. Current groups focus on hand tools, carving, CNC and women in woodworking.

VISITING MASTERS: Every year, the Guild brings in international masters of woodworking to provide lectures and workshops for Guild members. Examples of past Visiting Masters include Michael Fortune, Michael Cullen, Mike Pekovich, Doug Stowe, Garrett Hack, Mary May…and many more!


In 2022, the Guild expanded its physical footprint and opened up 1600 square feet of additional space.  This space has been developed into classroom and small group space that includes some of the latest woodworking and educational equipment.  This space will be the primary Guild space used for educational programs; small group meetings; and monthly program meetings.