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Safety Classes

The first priority of the Guild is ensuring that members engage in woodworking SAFELY.  The Safety Committee determines the type of safety training that is required and approves any class curriculums related to safety.  The Education program provides the instructors for these classes and manages the scheduling of the classes.  A member’s authorization to use certain types of equipment is called CERTIFICATION.  Below is a diagram of the pathways to achieve certifications.

INTRODUCTION TO GUILD SAFETY:  The path to most of the opportunities in the Guild begin with completion of this class will  be the first class a new member takes. It is required of all members, regardless of expertise. Upon completion, a member has access to select classes; can join Guild community project teams; and can use the Bench Room.  This class is required of all members regardless of expertise, and is a prerequisite for any classes that occur in Guild facilities.

Children 10-18 can take this class, but may not take Getting Started or Core Tool certifications.  

BEGINNER SAFETY:  For those just beginning their woodworking journey, the class Getting Started with Portable Power Tools teaches i the basic operation and safe use of portable power tools.  True beginners are identified in the Introduction to Guild Safety Class.  This is a required class for beginners that helps prepare them for the next step.