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CLOSED:  OPENS AUGUST 1 AT 7 PM - 35 member limit

Membership GIFT Certificates


1 -  Fill out the fields marked with an *.  Skip the rest of the fields down to Gift Membership.
Fill in your First/Last name and email (automatically filled out) in the first fields

2 - Scroll down to Gift Membership and enter the name and email of the person to receive the gift.

3 – Enter an EFFECTIVE DATE.  On this date the person will receive a welcome email with information on how to log in
and fill out additional information about themselves.  We will not send them any emails prior to that date.

4 – Under Contact Information, fill out the fields with an *
The new member should fill out the rest of the fields when they get the welcome email.

5 - Pay for the Gift Membership.

Note to Gift Giver:   You are opening the door to woodworking for them with your wonderful gift.  Now they can take the next steps..  It will cost them between $40 - $290  to take the requisite tool training and safety training classes depending on their goals and skill level to access the shop and classes. 

  • 1. Introduction to Guild Safety ($40) required for all new members prior to shop use or classes.  After this, the member has access to the Bench Room and can participate in a number of Guild activities and classes.
  • 2. Getting Started with Power Tools - ($90) a class for beginning woodworkers
  • 3. Core Tool Certification ($160) - use of and safety training for the shop's machine room (table saw, jointer, planer, sanders, mitre saw, etc).  After this, the member can access the Machine Room during Open Shop time and take classes that include power tools.

Beginning April 1, 2024 Open Shop time will be $10/hour for the Bench Room and $15/hour for the Machine Room. (Current pricing - Bench Room $0/hr; Machine Room $10/hr)

We want to see all new members succeed in their woodworking ventures and not be disappointed that they can't walk right in with their new membership and get busy.  It will require an investment of time and money - both well worth the many benefits of being a Guild member.  

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